Ministry of Agriculture MOA Job Circular 2023 – Apply

Ministry of Agriculture MOA Job Circular 2023 – Job circular has been published. Interested Applicants can apply online by using teletalk .com . bd website.

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has recently released its job circular for the year 2023, offering numerous exciting opportunities for individuals passionate about contributing to the development of the agricultural sector.

This comprehensive article sheds light on the Ministry of Agriculture’s MOA job circular 2023, highlighting its significance, application process, available positions, and the broader impact of these opportunities on the agricultural landscape.

Ministry of Agriculture MOA Job Circular 2023
Ministry of Agriculture MOA Job Circular 2023

The Ministry of Agriculture MOA a pivotal role in shaping the agricultural landscape of the nation. With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and rural empowerment, the MOA has opened up a realm of opportunities for individuals seeking to be part of this transformative journey.

Ministry of Agriculture MOA Job Circular 2023

The MOA job circular for 2023 is not just a recruitment drive; it’s an invitation to join hands in strengthening the backbone of our economy – agriculture. This circular signifies the government’s recognition of the importance of skilled individuals in driving innovation and progress in the agricultural sector.

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Jobs Summary of Ministry of Agriculture MOA Job Circular 2023

Ministry of Agriculture Job Circular 2023 –

Employer Ministry of Agriculture
Job Type Full-Time
Source Online
Publish Date 28 August 2023
Job Category Govt Job
Total Post 06
Total Man 35
Job Location Anywhere in Bangladesh
Gender Both females and males are allowed to apply
Age 18 to 30 years
Salary 8,250 to 27,300 taka
Educational Qualification Class Eight Pass, SSC Pass, HSC Pass, Degree Pass
Other Experience Check in the job image
Apply Process Online
Apply Fee 112/223 Taka
Apply Fee Process Teletalk Sim
Application Start Date Running
Application The Last Date 30 August 2023 at 10:00 AM
Selection Process 10 October 2023 at 4:00 PM
Online Apply Website

MOA Information

Name Ministry of Agriculture
Type Government
Official Website

Available Positions

Total Post: 06

Total Man: 35

Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh

Gender: Both females and males are allowed to applyAge 18 to 30 years

Salary: 8,250 to 27,300 taka

Educational Qualification: Class Eight Pass, SSC Pass, HSC Pass, Degree Pass

MOA Job Application Fee

The job application fee of the Ministry of Agriculture holds significant importance. Individuals seeking employment are required to submit the application fee for their chosen job position within 72 hours of completing the online application form, adhering to all instructions provided by the authorities.

First SMS: MOA <Space> User ID Send to 16222.


Reply application name, tk 223/334 will be charged as an application fee. Your pin is 12345678. To pay fee type MOA<Space>Yes<Space>Pin and sent to 16222.

Second SMS: MOA <Space>Yes<Space>Pin Send to 16222.

  ExampleMOA 12342222

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Jobs Summary of Ministry of Agriculture MOA Job Circular 2023 PDF

Ministry of Agriculture Job Circular 2023
Ministry of Agriculture Job Circular 2023

Assistant Agricultural Officer

As an Assistant Agricultural Officer, you will be at the forefront of interacting with farmers and implementing agricultural programs at the grassroots level. Your role will be to disseminate knowledge, promote modern farming techniques, and support rural communities in enhancing their productivity.

Horticulture Specialist

The Horticulture Specialist position offers a unique chance to delve into the world of plant cultivation and beautification. Your expertise in horticulture will contribute to greener urban spaces, improved crop diversity, and sustainable landscaping practices.

Livestock Development Officer

For those passionate about animal husbandry and livestock development, the role of a Livestock Development Officer is ideal. You’ll be involved in ensuring the health and productivity of livestock, implementing breeding programs, and supporting animal welfare.

Agricultural Researcher

Agricultural Researchers will be engaged in pioneering research that addresses the sector’s challenges, from climate change adaptation to improving crop yields. Your work will directly impact the development of resilient and sustainable agricultural practices.

Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should hold relevant academic qualifications in agriculture or related fields, depending on the position applied for. Each position may have specific requirements, such as degrees in agronomy, horticulture, animal science, or agricultural economics.

Application Submission

Interested candidates can apply through the official MOA website or designated application centers. The submission process involves providing educational documents, CV, and a cover letter detailing your motivation to contribute to the agricultural sector.

Selection Procedure

The selection process includes written examinations and interviews to evaluate candidates’ technical knowledge, communication skills, and alignment with the MOA’s vision. Successful candidates will undergo training before formally joining their respective roles.

Career Growth and Benefits

Working with the MOA offers more than just a job; it’s a platform for personal and professional growth. The selected candidates will have access to continuous learning, skill development opportunities, and a chance to make a tangible impact on farmers’ lives.

Impact on Agricultural Sector

Modernizing Farming Practices

The MOA’s initiatives have led to the adoption of modern farming technologies and practices, improving efficiency and yield. By joining the MOA, you become a driving force behind this modernization process.

Promoting Sustainability

Sustainability is the cornerstone of the MOA’s endeavors. Through organic farming promotion, waste reduction, and conservation practices, you will contribute to a greener and more sustainable agricultural sector.

Empowering Rural Communities

The MOA’s work directly uplifts rural communities by enhancing their agricultural productivity and livelihoods. As part of the team, you’ll play a vital role in empowering these communities economically and socially.

Challenges and Opportunities

Technological Adaptation

The agricultural sector is evolving rapidly with technological advancements. Embracing these changes and incorporating them into traditional practices will be both a challenge and an opportunity for MOA employees.

Climate Resilience

Climate change poses a significant threat to agriculture. MOA employees will be at the forefront of developing strategies and practices that make the sector more resilient to changing climatic conditions.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Tailor your application to highlight your alignment with the MOA’s goals.
  • Showcase your practical experience in the field of agriculture.
  • Emphasize your commitment to sustainability and innovation.
  • Demonstrate your communication skills in the cover letter.


Joining the Ministry of Agriculture through the 2023 job circular is not just a career choice; it’s a chance to be part of a movement that shapes the future of agriculture in our nation. Your expertise and dedication will contribute to a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous agricultural sector.


  1. Is prior experience in government jobs necessary for applying to MOA positions? No, prior government job experience is not mandatory. Relevant experience in agriculture and related fields is valued.
  2. What is the expected timeline for the selection process? The selection process timeline can vary, but generally, it includes written exams, interviews, and training, spanning a few months.
  3. Are these positions only based in urban centers? No, the positions require interactions with rural communities as well. You may need to work in both urban and rural settings.
  4. How can I stay updated on MOA’s agricultural programs and initiatives? The MOA’s official website and social media channels regularly update information about ongoing programs and initiatives.
  5. What kind of training and development opportunities does the MOA provide? The MOA offers various workshops, seminars, and skill development programs to enhance employees’ capabilities and keep them updated with industry trends.

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